Preparation of a Diploma Thesis

In order to be assigned a Diploma Thesis, students must have repaid the third installment of the tuition and then complete the Application for a Thesis Assignment in consultation with the Supervising Professor.

The Diploma Thesis must be in accordance with the Postgraduate Thesis Template.

Moreover, the Senate of the University of Western Macedonia in the meeting with number 87 / 31-5-2019 decided to institutionalize the plagiarism detection service through the use of Turnitin Originality Check plagiarism software.

All the Academic Departments of the University of Western Macedonia must use the plagiarism detection service to check the thesis, diplomas, doctorates and other assignments. The assignment should be accompanied by the relevant report (Originality Report) and then approved by the Supervising Professor.

Finally, after 6 months from the Assignment of the Thesis and if the Postgraduate Thesis has been completed, a Presentation Application can be made in order to present the thesis to a three-members committee.