Selection Process

Decisions on admission to the programme are made according to the following criteria:

  • BA degree grade.
  • A second BA degree or an MA degree.
  • Candidates’ research activity (other than their diploma thesis/MA thesis), proved by scientific publications, relevant certificates or certificates of attendance at research programs, or scholarships.
  • A certificate of proficiency in the English language.
  • Evaluation of reference letters.
  • Professional experience in private or public bodies or public legal entities.
  • Assessment by the interviewing committee.
  • Grades in degrees and courses relevant to the programme of study.

Supporting documentation can be submitted in person to the Registrar’s Office of the Department of Informatics, University of Western Macedonia (Kastoria) or by registered mail (Contact information: Tel. 2467087062, Fax 2467087063, email:

Candidates who have submitted the supporting documentation in time shall be assessed by means of a three-phase process:

First, Preliminary Phase:

The Special Interdepartmental Committee (S.I.C.) examines all relevant documentation and has the right to seek clarification or further details regarding the submitted documentation and/or ask candidates to submit certificates that certify knowledge and skills deemed necessary for the programme.

After the examination of the candidates’ files submitted for assessment, suitable candidates are invited to an interview, for which they will be notified by the Registrar’s Office.

Second Phase:

Following the decision by the Special Interdepartmental Committee (S.I.C.) a final ranked list of the successful candidates is announced by the Registrar’s Office. Prospective postgraduate students can express their objection to the list within five working days of the announcement.

Third Phase:

After the examination of objections to the list, the Special Interdepartmental Committee (S.I.C) compiles the final list of successful candidates. Admitted applicants are required to respond within five (5) working days whether they accept or not admission to the Postgraduate Studies Programme. Failure to reply within the set deadline results in negation of admission. In this case, additional offers may be made by the Registrar’s Office to the candidates ranked next on the list until all places are filled.