Aims and Objectives

Aims show the general purpose of the programme. The MSc in “Modern Information Technologies and Services” aims to develop students’ knowledge and skills to organize and coordinate research activities in the field of Informatics especially those that are of high priority to Greece.

The Postgraduate Studies Programme in “Modern Information Technologies and Services” focuses on advance technology areas and informatics. Based on its content and nature, the programme successfully responds to the particular scientific needs created by the rapid growth of Informatics in Europe and worldwide.

The courses offered by the programme have been selected with the aim to provide postgraduate students with specialized knowledge that is nowadays required in the field of Informatics, taking into consideration at the same time and responding to the characteristics and needs of modern Greek and European Economy.

The many and various objectives of the programme include:

  • Promoting research and providing young scholars with advanced knowledge in the main subjects taught on the programme.
  • Providing graduates with the theoretical and critical tools necessary for research at a more advanced level and qualifying them to assist in the country’s development as well as in that of businesses in the information society.
  • Qualifying students for further postgraduate studies (Ph.D.)
  • Promoting theoretical and applied informatics in Greece.
  • Promoting cooperation between the academic faculty and businesses so that the latter adopt, use and promote the latest technological information systems.
  • Participating in partnerships and collaborative programmes with other Greek, European and International Organizations which deal with Informatics.
  • Supporting and promoting the main research fields in the Departments, that is, communication systems, networks technologies and systems security.