Course Structure Duration

The Postgraduate Studies Programme awards a Master of Science (M.Sc.) degree in “Modern Information Technologies and Services”. The degree is awarded jointly by the Department of Informatics Engineering of the Technological Educational Institute of Western Macedonia and the Department of Informatics of the Piraeus University.


The programme requires a minimum of three semesters of full-time study or five semesters of part-time study.

Course of study

The MSc degree requires:

  • Successful completion of six courses in the first semester
  • Successful completion of six courses in the second semester
  • Successful writing of a M.Sc. Thesis

Courses are taught in Greek and English.

The courses offered each semester, the languages courses are taught in, and the number of compulsory and elective courses required is decided by the competent Postgraduate Studies Coordination Committee.

Each course carries five (5) ECTS credits. The M.Sc. Thesis carries thirty (30) ECTS credits. For successful completion of the M.Sc. course, a student is required to accumulate a minimum of ninety (90) ECTS credits.